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Monster Kid Radio #147 - 2014 Halloween Monster Movie Marathon

How does Derek celebrate Halloween? By watching monster movies all day at Monster Kid Radio Headquarters. To help cope with his post-Halloween blues, Derek looks back at the movies he watched that day - The Brain Eaters (dir. Bruno VeSota), Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell (dir. Hajime Satô), Blood of the Vampire (dir. Henry Cass), and Carnival of Souls (dir. Herk Harvey). That evening, he joined The Shadow Over the Portland's Chris McMillan at the Joy Cinema for a screening of House of Wax (dir. André De Toth) in 3D! We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! (And if you're in the Portland/Tigard, OR, area, don't forget to check out Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (dir. Dick Randall) on Weird Wednesday, 11/5/14, at the Joy!) Be sure to visit our complete website at

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Happy Birthday, Godzilla. Skreeonk.

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