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Call it Los campeones justicieros. Call it The Champions of Justice. Whatever you call Federico Curiel's film, just make sure you call it a fun time, because that's what you'll hear in this week's episode of Monster Kid Radio. Author Frank Schildiner returns to the show to kick off 2018's Lucha de Mayo as he and Derek talk about this idea to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more, to see if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could. In this case, we need an assembled force of luchadors to fight the evil Dr. Marius Zarkoff in this 1971 film obviously set in a shared cinematic universe. Along the way, Derek (gently) picks Frank's brain about how he researches the period-specific details for his books, they play the Classic Five, and for some reason, 1979's The Frisco Kid (dir. Robert Aldrich) comes up. Also, we have another installment of Michael Dodd's Vault of Monster Collectibles, and listener feedback with Brenda.

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Santo en El tesoro de Drácula/Santo and Dracula's Treasure (dir. René Cardona) with Mark Pedersen

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Episode #368 - 1971's Los campeones justicieros / The Champions of Justice (dir. Federico Curiel) with Frank Schildiner

Episode #369 - 1969's Santo en El tesoro de Drácula / Santo and Dracula's Treasure (dir. René Cardona) with Mark Pedersen

Episode #370 - 1970's Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon contra los monstruos / Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters (dir. Gilberto Martínez Solares) with Mark Pedersen

Episode #371 - 1973's Santo contra los asesinos de otros mundos / Santo Against the Killers from Other Worlds (dir. Rubén Galindo) with Jonathan Inbody

Episode #372 - Samson and the Vampire Women (dir. Alfonso Corona Blake) with Jason Jaconetti

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