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This week, Derek checks in with the Physician of Fright, the one and only Dr. Gangrene (aka Larry Underwood) before exploring horrors From Beyond the Grave (dir. Kevin Conner). This 1974 portmanteau film features one of Monster Kid Radio's favorite Peters, and Derek and Larry can't stop gushing about the Cushing. Also, in the grand comic book tradition of crossovers, this week's episode of MKR crosses over with the most recent episode of Disney, Indiana, when Derek chats with DI's Tracey and Scott Morris about two graphic novels combining classic Disney characters with classic horror literature. On MKR, they discuss Disney Dracula, starring Mickey Mouse (and discover a new top-rated take on Van Helsing!). (Derek joined Tracey and Scott for Episode 296 of Disney, Indiana, to discuss Disney Frankenstein, starring Donald Duck.)

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