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He's a monster kid. He's an independent filmmaker. He's S├ębastien Godin, and he's joining Derek this week on Monster Kid Radio. Seb's a busy guy and doesn't seem to know how to NOT make movies, and us monster kids are all the better for it. He's gearing up to shoot his biggest film to date - The Damnation of Dracula - while he has at least three other movies waiting for him once that movie's finished. He took some time to hang out with Monster Kid Radio to talk about The Damnation of Dracula, why he does what he does, and how he manages to do all this and find time to sleep. We also have a Listener Email and Mark Matzke's Beta Capsule Review!

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Next week on Monster Kid Radio:
Doctor X (dir. Michael Curtiz) with author Micah Harris

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