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Monster Kid Radio #005 - Devon Deveraux and The Fly, Part One

Illustrator Devon Devereaux (Tales of Hot Rod Horror) joins Derek at Monster Kid Radio, and brings Vincent Price with him! Devon picked the movie he and Derek will be talking about this week - 1958's The Fly (dir. Kurt Neumann). (It'd been several years since Derek had watched The Fly, and refreshingly, the movie still shocked him!) This is part one of a two-part chat; part two will appear in Episode #006.

Devon Devereaux -

Cackling Imp Press -

Check out Devon's art show at The Peculiarium June 10th-July 28th (with a reception June 29, 6-9pm)! -

The opening and closing song "Goatman's Bridge" (from the album The Legend Of Goatman's Bridge) appears with permission of Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - -

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