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Monster Kid Radio #020 - Paul McComas is Fit for a Frankenstein...and Son of Dracula

As the publisher of the 24-issue fanzine Lonny Jr., Paul McComas started writing about monsters before he was even a teenager, and he's still writing about them now. He co-wrote (with Greg Starrett) the short novel Fit for a Frankenstein as a tribute to all things Universal monsters with a particularly fond look at Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Ygor and the Frankenstein Monster as portrayed by Lon Chaney, Jr. Paul and Derek talk about the genesis of this book as well as another role Lon Chaney, Jr., undertook - the Son of Dracula in the film of the same name (dir. Robert Siodmak). Along the way, they also talk about Jack Pierce, early goth girls, and . . . buying used books?

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