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Monster Kid Radio #037 - Monster Kid Friendly Disney with Scott Morris - Part Two

What Disney film did Derek's fifth grade teacher show him . . . that TERRIFIED him? Find out in this episode of Monster Kid Radio when Scott Morris join him for Part Two of their discussion of monster kid friendly Disney films. This time, Scott and Derek go over their top three scary Disney films. After getting scared by Mickey Mouse (for real!), Derek heads to Portland's Hollywood Theatre for a screening of 1974's The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula (dir. Roy Ward Baker, Cheh Chang). This was a Monster Kid Radio Crash, and Derek ran into a familiar face after the show - Chris McMillan from The Shadow Over Portland. Also in this episode, Derek checks out a television show from the 70s that ran by two different names - "Ghost Story" and "Circle of Fear." This series was recently released on DVD by Sony, and Derek will let you know if you need some Winston Essex in your life. Derek will also let you know if you need the movie Dawn of Dracula (dir. Blake Powell) in your life when he talks about the feature-length film from the gang from Midnite Mausoleum. Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves aren't hosting horror movies anymore - now they're in one, and they've brought all their charm, humor, and quirkiness to this homage to 1970s Eurohorror. This is a PACKED episode of Monster Kid Radio, and if you listen close, you might hear an announcement about the Pacific Northwest Theatrical premiere of The Giant Spider (dir. Christopher R. Mihm).

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