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Monster Kid Radio #073 - The Ghost of Frankenstein and Daniel Horne - Part One

Frankenstein's monster is an iconic image when it comes to classic monster movies, but is he outshined by Ygor (played masterfully by Béla Lugosi) in The Ghost of Frankenstein (dir. Erle C. Kenton)? Before you answer that question, listen to what Derek and this week's guest - Daniel Horne - has to say about the film! Daniel is an award-winning artist and sculptor, has appeared in the documentary The Aurora Monsters: The Model Craze That Gripped the World (dir. Cortlandt Hull, Dennis Vincent), and appears on Monster Kid Radio to talk about one of his favorite Frankenstein films. In Part One of their discussion, Derek and Daniel talk about the film's background, the cast and crew, and get into The Ghost...'s story.

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