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Is it too easy of a joke to say the 1970s . . . sucked? Get it? Because . . . vampires? Nevermind. This week on Monster Kid Radio, Derek is joined by filmmaker Sébastien Godin (Slimoids, Lycanimator, Ouija Mummy) to talk about vampire movies of the 70s. They go over their own personal Top Three 1970s Vampire Movies lists, but that's not all. Seb is exploring his love of vampire films with his upcoming film Blood Rites of the Vampyr. There are a few days left to contribute to this film's crowdfunding campaign, and this week, Seb tells us about the film, his inspirations, and his future goals. (Derek REALLY wants to see this movie!) And, of course, no episode of Monster Kid Radio would be complete without a Professor Frenzy's Bedtime Story or Kenny's Look at Famous Monsters of Filmland.

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